Evocreo MOD APK v1.9.13 (2023) Unlimited Gems/Everything

Evocreo mod apk is an incredible role-playing game developed by the ilmfinity. The Pokémon has been one the most popular series and many games are developed related to it. This game is one such game that is specially developed for Pokémon lovers. It is a thrilling game in which the player is an Evoker and the monsters are called Creo, thus the name EvoCreo. Players can unlock and train their Creos. You can also arrange fierce battles between these Creos.

This is a thrilling game to play. The players have to unlock and collect all the creos because each creo has a unique set of abilities which is highly necessary to unlock the accelerating difficult levels and finish their tough challenges.

However, if you want to decrease your difficulty and enjoy the gameplay in a better way, you can download the Evocreo mod apk. It already provides everything unlocked and unlimited without paying any money.  Let’s learn more about the game.

Evocreo MOD APK

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Introduction to Evocreo MOD APK 2023

Playing the Evocreo mod apk is not too complicated. It is designed with fairly straightforward gameplay. The game starts in a fantastical Pokémon-ish world that immediately catches your attention. You have to summon, unlock and collect Creos from a massive range of 120+ Creos.

Then, you have to properly train them according to their talents and enhance their skill sets to make them fully prepared for the battle. You can challenge your friends or random players in the multiplayer mode. The player will decide which skill should the creo use and when.

However, if you do not have an internet connection, you can play it in the offline mode and conquer more lands with your little beasts. Players have to be cautious because, with the accelerating amount of creos, recruiting becomes difficult.

Evocreo MOD APK

Mod Features of Evocreo mod apk

Unique Gameplay

The gameplay of the Evocreo mod apk is the most unique, adventurous, and thrilling of all its contemporaries. Ditch the regular games, and enjoy this amazing game now.

Wide Range of Creos

Creos are the beasts of this game. There are more than 120 creos in this game which you have to collect and use for the battle.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the main currency of this game, they are used for various reasons such as purchasing various items and enhancements for creos, unlocking premium features, collecting more creos, upgrading the levels faster, making in-app purchases, etc. To get unlimited gems simply install the Evocreo mod apk for free.

Unlimited Money

To become the best evoker and quickly catch creos, money is required. If you do not want to work hard to get money, you can download the pro apk version of the game and get unlimited money for free. You can also use this money to buy and upgrade items and resources.

Evocreo MOD APK

Free Shopping

All the items, offers, and resources of this game are provided for free with the Evocreo hack apk. This means that you now no longer need to make any in-app purchases and enjoy free shopping in the premium mode.

Buy All Avatars

This game comes with 170+ creo avatars, each with special powers that are necessary to win and increase your level. However, these avatars need to be unlocked by passing tough challenges in the usual version of the game. If you want all creos for free, just download the pro apk version of this game for free.

All Special Items Unlocked

The latest modified version comes with all the special items (gems, creos, money, etc.) unlocked and offers (rootless game, unlimited creos, etc.) without making any purchases.  You can enjoy the hack apk version totally for free.

No Need Root

Unlike the usual version of the game, the Evocreo mod apk does not require players to root their phones. So, download the 2023 modified version and enjoy the thrilling adventures of Evocreo.

No Ads

Ads are extremely irritating especially when they pop up while we are playing our favorite games. They not only disturb our game time but also crash our games, lose our progress and make us lose interest in the game altogether. However, the modded version with its advanced interface blocks all the ads. This means you can just install the hack apk version and play your game without being bothered.

My Review

Ever since I started playing the Evocreo mod apk, it has become my favorite game. I was already a fan of the Pokémon franchise and this game takes me back to the world of Pokémon. This game has a unique storyline and gameplay, and if you are bored of the usual old games, you should try it.

The 2023 modded version of the game comes with all the items, resources, and offers without any payment which is a cherry on top.


No, the Evocreo mod apk can only be installed on Android devices.

Yes, the Evocreo mod apk is completely safe to play. The game was scanned through various anti-virus software programs and no viruses were detected, making this game damage-free.

The Evocreo mod apk has both online and offline modes. You can play it with your friends or random players in the online multiplayer mode. While the offline mode is a savior when you are out of a strong and active internet connection.


The Evocreo mod apk has exciting and unique gameplay. It is the perfect blend of the roleplay and strategy game genre. The storyline and characters are designed to suit anime and Pokémon lovers. If you have not tried this game, you definitely should. Its uniqueness never bores you. Download the latest 2023 version of Evocreo hack apk and enjoy this adventurous game now.

Evocreo MOD APK
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